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SpanIzol FS

Spanizol FS is a reflective vapour seal

Spanizol FS is a material made of polypropylene non-woven fabric (spunbond) and metallized polypropylene film. The metallized surface of the material is capable of reflecting thermal radiation, and Spanizol FS material itself is vapour-proof with the high strength and waterproofing capacity, which provides the possibility to use it as:

– vapour seals with the energy-saving effect in the structures of the heat-insulated pitched roofs, frame walls and inter-floor coverings in order to protect the insulant and internal structural elements against the penetration of water vapours from the inside the room, as well as to prevent the penetration of fibrous insulant particles into the inner space of the building;
– substrate layers in the “heat-insulated floor” system for the directed heat reflection into the room;
– screen reflecting the heat flux from the heating system.

Subject to compliance with all installation requirements, Spanizol FS reflecting water-vapour seal allows to retain the thermal-insulating properties of the insulant, to extend the service life of the structure, as well as to reduce the heat loss of the room, making it possible to save up to 10% on heating it (according to the results of laboratory tests) due to the ability of the metallized surface of reflecting thermal radiation.


  • Roll width:

    1,6 m.
  • Size, m²:

  • Density g/m2:

  • Temperature range:

    from -40 to +120°С


Breaking load in longitudinal/cross direction, N/5 cm, min Resistance to vapour permeability, m2/h Pa/mg, min Waterproofing capacity, mm w.g., min UV-stability, months Equivalent diffusion thickness, Sd/m Flammability group Ignition group
150/130 10 1000 1,5 11,54 Г3 В2

Application of materials

  • Dressing room

    Spanizol Foil material: it is fixed from above with overlap of 20-25 cm, first on the ceiling with approaching the walls, then on the walls with approaching the floor