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Cover landscape fabric

Cover landscape fabric

Cover landscape fabric is a protective covering for soil or other surface types. It is mainly used to stop the weedy growth, or else agro-textile is used to prevent pollution of the site on which containers with plants are located. Moreover, it passes water well, which allows to create effective removal of excess moisture from the container site.

It can be also used as a covering material for seedbeds, for strawberry growing, for example. When transplanting the berry seedlings, small cuts are made in the fabric with a sharp knife, with this technology, the weedy growth will be minimal, and harvesting will be easy.

Marking in agro-textile allows to more accurately and carefully arrange, for example, the pots or transplant the strawberries.

Don’t worry about agro-textile durability or strength as it is also manufactured for European plant nurseries, which impose rather stringent requirements on the covering material quality.


  • Roll width:

    1,6 m.
  • Size, m²:

    30, 35, 50, 60, 70
  • Density g/m2:

  • Temperature range:

    from -40 to +80°С


Composition Maximum tensile force in longitudinal/cross direction, N/50 mm, min Water vapour transmission rate, g/m2*24 h, min Waterproofing capacity, mm w.g., min UV-stability, months
100% polypropylene 190/140 2000 300 3-4