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Spanizol GEO

Spanizol GEO is a vapour-permeable membrane

Spanizol GEO is a vapour-permeable membrane made of non-woven material (spunbond) of various densities, used to protect the insulant and internal elements of walls against wind, atmospheric moisture, as well as to provide the removal of water vapours from the insulant in all type buildings.

It performs the following functions: separation, filtration, and reinforcement in road and drainage structures, for land-erosion control and root growth limitation. Application:

  • Flag paving: Spanizol GEO geotextile is laid only on a prepared base. Preparation of underlying soils consists in levelling its surface and compaction.
  • In drainage systems: In drainage systems Spanizol GEO geotextile can be used to wrap the perforated drainage pipes in order to provide their long-term operation without silting-up.
  • When installing the flat roofs: When installing the flat roofs, when PVC-membranes or insulant in the form of extruded polystyrene are used on a concrete base, Spanizol GEO geotextile can be used as a separator between the concrete and the above materials, since concrete with its alkaline reaction destroys both PVC and extruded polystyrene if it comes in contact.

The material is laid on the insulant external side under the outer wall cladding. The vapour-permeable membrane allows to retain the thermal-insulating properties of the insulant and to extend the service life of the entire structure.


  • Roll width:

    1,6 m.
  • Size, m²:

    35, 70
  • Temperature range:

    from -60 to + 90°C


Composition Maximum tensile force in longitudinal/cross direction, N/50 mm, min Water vapour transmission rate, g/m2*24 h, min Waterproofing capacity, mm w.g., min UV-stability, months
100% polypropylene 190/140 2000 300 3-4