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TPL fibreglass-reinforced scotch tape

Spanizol TPL is a fibreglass-reinforced scotch tape

Spanizol TPL contains a polyvinyl chloride base reinforced with fabric fibres, specialized polyethylene and adhesive layer.

Such tapes, due to the coating made of polyethylene, are distinguished by very high adhesion and strength; they are used for insulating and plumbing works with moisture-contacting surfaces:

  • for wrapping damaged pipes;
  • for installing pipe thermal insulation;
  • for strengthening cracks and pipe joints;
  • for sealing joints, panels, housings;
  • for eliminating leaks;
  • for protecting air ducts against water, moisture and vapour

In addition, the tape is used:

  • for gluing damaged surfaces;
  • for bundling wires;
  • for sealing containers and protecting items exposed to water and moisture.

Also, due to its high adhesive capacity, the reinforced tapes can be used for control sealing, since it is impossible to open the package without violating its integrity.