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SpanIzol SL

Spanizol SL is a double-sided adhesive tape

Spanizol SL is a double-sided connecting tape for sealing the laps and gluing Spanizol membranes to flat surfaces. It can be used under extreme humidity conditions. Application temperature: min + 5°C. Temperature stability: -40°C to + 80°C.

  • Intimate adhesion with surface
  • High water and moisture resistance

In order to turn the vapour seal protection into a continuous shell without gaps and breakages, it is required to connect its panels in a special way. Only then it will be able to flawlessly perform its functions. For joint formation, Spanizol SL is used for vapour seal, on one or both sides of which a strong binder is applied.


  • Temperature range:

    from -40 to +80°С