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SpanIzol Flat Roof

SpanIzol Flat Roof

The vapour seal film for roofs is used mainly in systems of heat-insulated flat roof cladding: the products are installed under the insulant on concrete inter-floor coverings or profiled sheets.


– durable;
– elastic;
– provision of vapour and water-proofing;
– withstanding of mechanical stresses;
– the company offers a favourable price for the vapour seal of the roof.

The vapour seal film for flat roofs significantly reduces the condensate formation in enclosure structures.


  • Roll width:

  • Size, m²:

  • Density g/m2:

  • Temperature range:

    from -40 to +80°С


Composition Breaking load in longitudinal/cross direction, N/5 cm, min Resistance to vapour permeability, m2/h Pa/mg, min Waterproofing capacity, mm w.g., min
Polyethylene 260/260 1.1 1000

Application of materials

  • Flat roof

    МSpanizol D material: when installing roofs the material is rolled out and cut on the roof rafters. Installation is carried out from bottom to top with horizontal sheets with overlap of 15 cm.