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Flat roof


Spanizol D material: when installing roofs the material is rolled out and cut on the roof rafters. Installation is carried out from bottom to top with horizontal sheets with overlap of 15 cm. The material is fastened with 4×5 cm battens covered with antiseptic on the nails or self-tapping screws.  When installing floors on the concrete base, the material is laid on the slab with overlap of 15 cm, and when waterproofing the floor under bonded screed, it is necessary to bring the material onto the walls at least 10 cm. Due to additives of UV stabilizer to the Spanizol D material it can be used as temporary roof for at least 3 months.

Other products

  • Interior partitions

    Sectional elevation (longitudinal, vertical) Installation Vapor insulation Spanizol B: for interior decoration the material is laid with rough (anti-condensation) side outward and

  • Bottom (basement) overlap on beams

    Sectional elevation (transverse) Installation Vapor insulation Spanizol C: it is laid with rough (anti-condensation) side outward and smooth side close to the