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Spanizol D Premium (Waterproofing)

Spanizol D is a vapour seal, increased-strength waterproofing

Spanizol D is a two-layer material made of high-strength woven polypropylene fabric and polypropylene film. Spanizol D is a vapour-proof material with the increased strength and high waterproofing capacity.

Such film is used for under-roof waterproofing in non-insulated or heat-insulated pitched roofs with a metal coating. It protects the attic-floor room against moisture, forming due to roof condensation or precipitations. It protects the roof void against the penetration of cold air and condensation, forming on the inner side of the metal roof. It reduces the heat impact on the roof coating during the heating season as well as the risk of ice and icicle formation.

Spanizol D can be used as a temporary roof due to its high breaking strength and UV resistance. Subject to compliance with all installation requirements, Spanizol D vapour seal allows to retain the thermal-insulating properties of the insulant as well as to extend the service life of the entire structure and to protect the inner space of the building against the penetration of fibrous insulant particles.


  • Roll width:

    1,6 m.
  • Size, m²:

    15, 30, 35, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80 m2
  • Temperature range:

    from -60 to + 90°C


Composition Breaking load in longitudinal/cross direction, N/5 cm, min Resistance to vapour permeability, m2/h Pa/mg, min Waterproofing capacity,
mm w.g., min
UV-stability, months
100% polypropylene 1194/900 7,0 1000 3-4

Application of materials

  • Heat-insulated pitched roof

    Super diffusion membrane Spanizol AS, AM, A120: it can be installed directly on the insulant (with white side) without ventilation gap. It is strictly forbidden to use Spanizol AS, AM, A120 as temporary roof covering!

  • Cold pitched roof

    • Hydro-vapor insulation Spanizol D: when installing roofs the material is rolled out and cut on the roof rafters. Installation is carried out from bottom to top with horizontal sheets with overlap of 15 cm.