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Heat-insulated pitched roof


  • Super diffusion membrane Spanizol AS, AM, A120: it can be installed directly on the insulant (with white side) without ventilation gap. It is strictly forbidden to use Spanizol AS, AM, A120 as temporary roof covering!
  • Moisture and wind insulation Spanizol A: installation is carried out with horizontal sheets with overlap of 15 cm from bottom to top, smooth side out. In the roofing pie it is rolled out and cut into rafters. When using Spanizol A material, it is recommended to make double ventilation gap – additional counter batten is attached to the rafters. It is strictly forbidden to use Spanizol A as temporary roof covering!
  • Hydro-vapor insulation Spanizol D: when installing roofs, the material is rolled out and cut on the roof rafters. Installation is carried out from bottom to top with horizontal sheets with overlap of 15 cm. The material is fastened with 4×5 cm battens covered with antiseptic on the nails or self-tapping screws.
  • Vapor insulation Spanizol B: for interior decoration the material is laid with rough (anti-condensation) side outward and smooth side close to the insulant. It is recommended to maintain ventilation gap between the material and decorative finish of the room in order to ventilate condensation.
  • Spanizol C material is used in the same structures as Spanizol B vapor insulation and the material is installed in the same way. Due to its strength characteristics, it can be used as Spanizol D


Spanizol FS material: used as a reflective heat-vapor-waterproofing material. It promotes heat removal from the interior. To provide maximum effect of radiation reflection, the gap of 5 cm should be maintained between the decorative finish.

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