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Bottom (basement) overlap on beams

Sectional elevation (transverse)


  • Vapor insulation Spanizol C: it is laid with rough (anti-condensation) side outward and smooth side close to the insulant. It is recommended to maintain ventilation gap between the material and decorative finish of the room in order to ventilate condensation.  Due to its strength characteristics it can be used as Spanizol D waterproofing.
  • Hydro-vapor insulation Spanizol D: when installing attic, interfloor or basement floors it is used with any type of insulant and mounted close to it. Maintain 5 cm gap between the material and the finished ceiling.

Other products

  • Heat-insulated pitched roof

    Installation Super diffusion membrane Spanizol AS, AM, A120: it can be installed directly on the insulant (with white side) without ventilation gap. It

  • Flat roof

    Installation Spanizol D material: when installing roofs the material is rolled out and cut on the roof rafters. Installation is carried out from