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Interfloor overlap on beams

Sectional elevation (transverse)


  • Vapor insulation Spanizol B: for interior decoration, the material is laid with rough (anti-condensation) side outward, and smooth side close to the insulant. It is recommended to maintain ventilation gap between the material and decorative finish of the room in order to ventilate condensation.
  • Spanizol C material is used in the same structures as Sofit B vapor insulation and the material is installed in the same way. Due to its strength characteristics it can be used as Spanizol D waterproofing.
  • Hydro-vapor insulation Spanizol D: when installing attic, interfloor or basement floors it is used with any type of insulant and mounted close to it. Maintain 5 cm gap between the material and the finished ceiling.
  • Spanizol FS material: used as reflective heat-vapor-waterproofing material. It promotes heat removal from the interior. When installing non-insulated roof, it is laid with the reflective side outward. To ensure maximum effect of radiation reflection, the gap of 5 cm should be maintained between the decorative finish.

Other products

  • Steam room

    Sectional elevation (transverse) Installation Spanizol Foil material: it is fixed from above with overlap of 20-25 cm, first on the ceiling with

  • Wooden wall with external insulation

    Sectional elevation (longitudinal, vertical) Installation Super diffusion membrane Spanizol AS, AM, A120: it can be installed directly on the insulant (with white