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Steam room

Sectional elevation (transverse)


Spanizol Foil material: it is fixed from above with overlap of 20-25 cm, first on the ceiling with approaching the walls, then on the walls with approaching the floor, and then the joints are carefully glued with metallized tape, paying special attention to the corners of the room to create completely sealed coating. On top of the foil, battens are stuffed on the walls with thickness of 2-4 cm, on the ceiling – 5 cm, after which the foil is covered with layer of finishing material, leaving ventilation corridor for thickness of the counter batten for air convection. The material should be fixed to all the surfaces. Do not neglect lining of the ceiling, because maximum heat loss occurs through it, since the highest temperature is observed at the top.

Other products

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    Installation Super diffusion membrane Spanizol AS, AM, A120: it can be installed directly on the insulant (with white side) without ventilation gap. It

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